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Helping the Forgotten

Every cat matters here at Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue, if we have space, we will help. We often help trap feral/stray cats, and preform TNR, when we can.

Those who are friendly or we see have the potential to come out of their shells remain within our care until they are rehabilitated. If it’s safe for feral cats to return, where they have shelter, water, food, and someone watching out for them, then we will return them. If it’s unsafe for a feral to be released back into the area, we will relocated. This is called TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release/Return).

However, we always say that if the feral cat starts to settle and starts to allow human interactions, we will offer that cat placement and find them their new forever homes.

For feral/semi-feral cats that have medical conditions, we always seek other alternatives than euthanasia. Just because they are “feral” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a chance to live.

Each cat that comes into our care gets neutered/spayed, microchipped, FIV/FeLV tested (if applicable), de-flea’d, de-wormed, and health checked – this is the same for feral TNR cases too.

Depending on the case, some feral cats remain under our rescue for their care, such as for; food, flea & worm treatment, and other veterinary care (if they ever become injured).

Our feral cats: