About Me

My name is Socks, I have had an awful life. In April 2021 I was finally rescued, as I was reported injured. I was a long term stray, with no home to call my own. As I was entire, all I wanted to do was fight other cats over territory and un-spayed females – leaving me battle scarred.

I was abandoned by my previous owner when I was 2 years old, they was nasty to me. Never was I welcomed into the home, they also hit me, and burned my ears. Now I have burn scars to my ears (as you can see).

My background has left me feeling untrusting of people, I have now slowly learnt that my foster carer isn’t that scary. I now have gained the courage to eat dreamies from my foster carer’s hand! I am just longing for my new home, where I can feels safe.

I was described as feral when I lived on the streets, all because I wouldn’t approach people. I know I can trust again, it might take me some time, but I know I can find my forever human.

Due to me being an entire tom, constantly in fights, I now have FIV. However, I am happy and healthy. FIV just means extra precautions should be made, as I have a low immune system. My injury has also healed nicely.

Want to Adopt me?


I am looking for a quiet home, with no children, or other pets. I MUST also be able to have access outside, due to my FIV it must be by a safe catio.