About Us

Who we are and what we do

We was founded back in 2001 by Linda Cameron Davies in the memory of her late mother (Alice Cameron), Alice also had a love for cats and was also involved in animals rescue. Before Linda founded Blackpool Nine Lives, she also was involved in many other animal rescues for over twenty-five years and has also helped many other rescues within the area.

All our rescue cats and kittens are placed with our team of foster carers. Who work around the clock caring for the unwanted, stray, and adondoned cats that get surrender over into our care.

Cats aged over 4-6 months old are neuter and microchipped whilst they are in our care. If you were to adopt a kitten under the age of 4-6 months you be responsible for the neutering and microchipping once they are old enough.

home checks and a donation applies before any cat/kitten is rehomed from our care. Please note: If you are living in rented accommodation, written proof from your landlord will need to be obtained before rehoming.

Cats and Kittens need COMMITMENT. Having a any pet means you will be responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of that animal by law. You will be responsible for any medical treatment, food, litter, bedding, and the necessary items to care for the animal’s needs (can you afford this?). Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment (what will happen if the animal gets a lifelong medical condition?). Animals are not a toy that you can pass onto someone else just because you no longer like the look/personality of that animal or because the animal is no longer of a young age.

Please Note: We do not hold any shops. Both shops previously being run under the name of Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue ceased as Blackpool Nine Lives shops on the 18th December 2016.

We get no funding from any organisation or shops and our volunteers are unpaid.

Sadly each year we receive hundreds of telephone calls, emails, and messages in regards to wanting to surrender over unwanted, stray, or abandoned cats into our care. As with all rescue, we only have a certain number of rescue placements available.

We are a small cat rescue with our main goal of helping as many cats as we can, but sadly without people adopting cats taking cats/kittens into our care is not possible. With us being a voluntary rescue we don’t receive any funding from any other organisations or from any shops, this is why we rely heavily on donations.

Our team of rescuers and fundraiser work hard throughout the year to help raise funds and find our many cats/kittens forever safe homes. We can’t thank them all enough for the help towards our rescue and most of all helping to save the many cats in the blackpooland surrounding areas.

We have many cats awaiting their forever homes. Which one will pull at your heartstrings?



Adopt or Foster One and Help Save Then All

Show your love for animals and help every cat find the loving home that they deserve.