Adopt a Cat

These cats are still looking for their forever loving homes

Adopting One Helps Save Them All


Please read and review our Adoption Policy (click here)
Keep an eye out for our medicated, and special needs cats and kittens looking for their forever home with purple paw prints.

Please note: With the changing restrictions viewing of our cats may not be possible due to our foster carers either shielding, self-isolating, and due to the mixing of households. For this reason our adoption process may not be able to be carried out. Some of our cats may not be advertised for adoption straight away due to this reason. Please keep this in mind when enquiring to adopt a cat advertised for adoption, or enquiring to adopt.

(Cats over 12 months old)
(10 week old to 12 month old kittens)

If you would like to adopt a kitten under the age of 4-6 months old you will be responsible for the neutering and microchipping of the kitten once the kitten is old enough.

Make a difference and adopt a older cat

Cats over the age of 6 years old are often overlooked due to their age but cats are known to live up to 23 years old.

Sadly we do have cats in our care who are over the age of 6 who are often overlooked due their age and colour, yet all they want is a warm lap to sit on and someone to play with.

If these cats aren’t adopted they go on to live out the rest of their lives in a rescue.