Adoption Policy


Please read and understand the below before enquiring to adopt one of our cats/kittens

Think carefully before you commit to adopting any pet. Having a pet means you will be responsible for the welfare and well-being of that animal by law. You will be responsible for any medical treatment, food, litter, bedding, and the necessary items to care for the animal’s needs (can you afford this?). Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment (what will happen if the animal gets a lifelong medical condition? Do I have the time for a pet?). Cats can often live to 20 year old, can you commit to this?

All information provided about the cats past or present habits and history have been told to you in good faith. This information has been provided to help with the adoption process and to aid in a successful adoption. The cat may have come into our care for example being signed over by the previous owner, abandoned, straying and of an unknown background. The information provided to yourself may be based on statements made by their previous owner and/or assessment or observation of the cat whilst in our care. We can not guarantee that this information is correct despite every effort’s being made.

Cats aged over 4-6 months old are neutered/spayed, microchipped, FIV & FeLV tested (when applicable), de-flea’d, de-wormed, and vet/health checked before adoption. Cats under the age of 4-6 months old are de-flea’d, de-wormed, and vet/health checked before adoption.

For cats that are not neutered/spayed before adoption you will be responsible for the neutering and microchipping of the cat once old enough.

Our cats are not vaccinated unless they have come to us vaccinated or recommend by our veterinary team. As we believe that this should be for the new owner  to decide.

Since 19th November 2016 all our cats come with 5 weeks free insurance cover provided by Agria Pet Insurance. Our 5 weeks free insurance is activated once adoption forms and adoption donation is complete. Details provided on the adoption forms will be given to Agria for the activation of the 5 weeks free insurance.

We always carry out home visits before adoption, this is to ensure that the cat is going to the best home for them. For this reason we only tend to adopt cats out in the Blackpool and Fylde area. NOTE: Due to the current events/restrictions home visits will be carried out online.

If you are looking for indoor-outdoor the cat must have easy access in and out, we advise having a cat flap fitted for easier access, a open window the cat can access at all times, or the cat must have access outside to a shelter/house so they never get stuck outside in bad weather.

If you are looking at an indoor-outdoor cat or a cat needs to be indoor-outdoor, you must be away from main/busy roads and train tracks. The safety of our cats are our main priority.

Cats that are adopted and are indoor-outdoor, we expect that cats be kept indoor for 6-8 weeks before introducing them outside. Kittens must be kept inside until neutered/spayed, and are at least 1 year old.

If you live in rented accommodation we will need to see proof of a pet agreement/permission from your landlord. This is needed for our adoption process to go ahead.


Standard adoption donation:

£60 for above (neutered, microchipped, FIV & FeLV tested, de-flea’d, de-wormed, and vet checked)


Have you read and understood the above and would love to adopt then please contact us:

Please send your adoption enquiry to our email or feel free to look at some cats up for adoption using the buttons below.