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We always find our cats the best homes for their needs, so please carefully read through our adoption policy and process below…

None of these questions are to put you off, these are to ensure you are ready and certain to adopt.

Can you commit to a new pet?

The average life span for a cat is 12-14 years, however some cats can live until they are 20 year old! Can you commit to this?

Rescue animals also haven’t had the best start in life, so might have some quirks or behavioural issues that might need to be worked on.

Can you afford a new pet?

Our adoption fee is £90 per cat, which helps cover the treatment that the cat has had whilst within our care. The adoption fee is the initial cost. Can you afford the monthly cost of insurance, food, litter, equipment, monthly flea & worm treatment (prescribed from your vets), and any veterinary fee’s?

Are you looking for an indoor-outdoor, or feral cat?

Safety of our cats is our main concern. Do you live away from any main/busy roads, and railways?

If you are looking for an indoor-outdoor cat you must be able to provide shelter away from the elements. We recommend a lockable cat flap, so the cat can come and go from the home as they so please, and can be locked in if needed. If you can’t have a cat flap fitted into the home, a cat flap should be fitted onto a garage or shed. Other outdoor shelters will also work fine.

Adult cats must be kept inside for a minimum of 3 months, kittens should be kept inside until they are 1 year old and are neutered.

Are you looking for a house cat/indoor cat?

Cats like many other pets, need plenty of simulation. Can you provide this? Plenty of cat tree’s, toys, and play time is a must.

Do you have any other pets in the household?

We do allow people with other pets to adopt, as long as the cat you are interested in is ok with the pets that are already established in the home. Dogs need to be cat tested prior to enquiring. If one cat is present at the home, do you know your cat will accept another cat?

Are their children in the home?

We do allow families to adopt cats, we understand the bond children and animals can have. However, adoption all depends on the cat you are interested in. If a cat is nippy, hyper, can get overstimulated, or has come from a background where children are involved we do not rehome the cat with children. Due to the safety of your children, and the welfare of our cats.

Do you live in rented accommodation/housing?

If you live in rented accommodation/housing we must see permission from your landlord which states you are allowed a cat/pet. If you already have a cat/pet in the home, we must see permission that you are allowed another.


All adopters are required to go through our adoption process. We also recommend that you view our adoption policy, found on the other tab.

If you would like to adopt a cat, then please view the Cats Available for Adoption page to see if you are interested in a particular cat.

Once you know which cat you are interested in then please fill in the applicable application form found on our Contact Us page. Fill in the Adoption Application form, and include as much details as possible – the more the merrier! Once you have submitted the form, we will receive a notification and we will review the application. We review all applications to make sure that you are suitable for the cat you have enquired about, or to find you the best match.

When we have finished reviewing your application, we will send you an email – using the email provided – to let you know if we have a cat suitable for you. So please keep a look out in your email, especially the junk/spam folder.

All potential adopters require a home visit – don’t worry it’s not as bad as it may sound. A home visit is where a member of our team comes to your home to have a chat to yourself, to also see your plans for litter tray/food/water placement, and outdoor space if the cat is indoor-outdoor/feral. *Due to the restriction home visits have been online.

Once your home visit has been complete and the cat you are interested in is ready to leave, you can adopt your new family member at the earliest convenience to yourself and our foster carers.

All our cats undergo treatment whilst within our care, be it getting them ready for their new homes, or undergoing major operations.

All our cats/kittens since November 2016 all come with 5 weeks free insurance provided by Agria Pet Insurance, this will be activated when adoption forms, and adoption fee is complete.

Adult cats (6 months+):

All our adult cats are; neutered, microchipped, FIV/FeLV tested (when applicable), vaccinated (when applicable), de-flea’d, de-wormed, and health checked.

Kittens (under 6 months):

All our kittens are; microchipped, FIV/FeLV tested (when applicable), vaccinated (when applicable), de-flea’d, de-wormed, and health checked.

Adoption fee:

Adult cat (over 6mths): £110

Pair of adult cats: £200

Senior cat (over 8yrs): £90

Pair of seniors: £160

Kitten (under 6mths): £125

Pair of kittens: £230