All of your donations go towards caring for the many cats in our care

As we are a voluntary rescue we receive no funding from any other organisation or any shops. We rely heavily on donations alone. With vet’s bills running into thousands of pounds per year. Your donations are vital in helping cats in need.
There are several ways to make a donation. You can make a donation via PayPal or you can contact us for our direct back transfer details.
We also need donations of cat food (wet or dry), cat litter, treats, toys, bedding, cat trees and scratching posts. We have the following drop off locations (please contact us for the exact addresses)…
Blackpool area: Squiresgate Lane / St Annes Road… Hornby Road / Mere Road… Church Street / Regent Road.
If you wish to contact us for the direct bank details or for the drop of locations, then please contact us either by the “Contact Us” button below or you can call/text us on 07982 677016.
Whatever you can donate, it will always help the many cats in our care. Thank you
Please Note: We do not hold any shops. Both shops previously being run under the name of Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue ceased as Blackpool Nine Lives shops on the 18th December 2016.



How much does caring for cats cost?

When a cat comes into our care our policy is to neuter and microchip the cat (if the cat is not already neutered/microchipped). Neutering and microchipping alone for each cat costs over £40. Some of the cats that come into our care are already vaccinated, the cost of the booster for each cat alone is over £40. Some of the cats in our care are also tested for contagious diseases like Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and Feline leukemia virus (FeLV), depending on their background. Sadly these diseases can be fatal and can often be really painful for the cats. FIV / FeLV can be transmitted though cats attacking each other, mating and via saliva so this is important when rescues do Trap Neuter Return (TNR) so it protect your household cats from these deadly viruses. To have a cat tested for FIV / FeLV also comes as at an expense of over £50.

For one unwanted cat or stray coming into our care, it can cost our rescue over £40 to £130 this doesn’t include any other medical attention the cat may need. The donation for adopting a cat from our rescue is a minimum of £40, this only covers the neutering and microchipping.

We too have cats in our care who receive daily medication. Each year it will cost over £2.000 just for their medication, this doesn’t include what other visit they may need due to their ongoing medical conditions.

This is just for the cost of veterinary treatment for the cats in our care. The food and litter for the cats in our care it will cost on average over £9.000 per year. This doesn’t include the cleaning supplies.

As a voluntary rescue we don’t receive any funding from any other organisations or from any shop, this is why we rely heavily on donations.