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NOTE: Blackpool Nine Lives do not hold any shops. Both shops previously being run under the name of Blackpool Nine Lives Cats Rescue ceased as Blackpool Nine Lives shops on the 18th December 2016.
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Friday 2nd November 2018


Not everyone understands that all rescues run on limited placements for those cats in need and rescues are often faced with criticism when these placements aren’t available.

Sadly each year we receive hundreds of telephone calls, emails, and messages in regards to wanting to surrender over unwanted, stray, or abandoned cats into our care. As with all rescue, we only have a certain number of rescue placements available.

Within just under 6 months there has been over 250 wanting to be surrender over and into our care. But within that 6 months, only 15 of our cats/kittens have been adopted, with only 5 being adult cats and 10 being kittens. As a no-kill rescue, many cats in our care have been in for many years due to their colour or because of their age.

Please do think carefully before you commit to adopting any pet. Having a pet means you will be responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of that animal by law. You will be responsible for any medical treatment, food, litter, bedding, and the necessary items to care for the animal’s needs (can you afford this?). Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment (what will happen if the animal gets a lifelong medical condition?). Animals are not a toy that you can pass onto someone else just because you no longer like the look/personality of that animal or because the animal is no longer of a young age.

We are a small cat rescue with our main goal of helping as many cats as we can, but sadly without people adopting cats taking cats/kittens into our care is not possible. With us being a voluntary rescue we don’t receive any funding from any other organisations or from any shops, this is why we rely heavily on donations.

How much does caring for cats cost?…

When a cat comes into our care our policy is to neuter and microchip the cat (if the cat is not already neutered/microchipped). Neutering and microchipping alone for each cat costs over £40. Some of the cats that come into our care are already vaccinated, the cost of the booster for each cat alone is over £40. Some of the cats in our care are also tested for contagious diseases like Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and Feline leukemia virus (FeLV), depending on their background. Sadly these diseases can be fatal and can often be really painful for the cats. FIV / FeLV can be transmitted though cats attacking each other, mating and via saliva so this is important when rescues do Trap Neuter Return (TNR) so it protects your household cats from these deadly viruses. To have a cat tested for FIV / FeLV also comes as at an expense of over £50.

For one unwanted cat or stray coming into our care, it can cost our rescue over £40 to £130 this doesn’t include any other medical attention the cat may need. The donation for adopting a cat from our rescue is a minimum of £40, this only covers the neutering and microchipping.

We too have cats in our care who receive daily medication. Each year it will cost over £2.000 just for their medication, this doesn’t include what other visits they may need due to their ongoing medical conditions.

This is just for the cost of veterinary treatment for the cats in our care. The food and litter for the cats in our care it will cost on average over £9.000 per year. This doesn’t include the cleaning supplies.

Friday 26th October 2018

We are writing this with very sad news.

Lancom sadly passed away this morning. He came into our care due to his owner passing away and none of the family members would take poor old lancom. The family members just wanted Lancom to be put to sleep. With no other option Lancom took shelter in our care.

Shortly after lancom was diagnosed as having hyperthyroidism. He then received the daily medication that he needed.

Sadly Lancom passed away peacefully in a rescue. It’s sad to see the older cats living out their final days, weeks, months or even years in a rescue and we know that in Lancom case many tears have been shed by those who have been caring for Lancom on a day to day basis and our heart goes out to each and everyone who had given Lancom the cuddles he has needed in his final months in the rescue.

We would like to send our condolences to all our team who was giving lancom the cuddles, affection and medication that he has needed whilst being in the rescue.

Sadly Lancom is one of the many cats who pass away in rescues due to being ‘unadoptable’ due to their age. Yet they are the most loving cats we have ever met.

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

We have the following drop off locations, please contact us for the addresses.

Blackpool area…

(South Shore) – Squiresgate Lane / St Annes Road

(North Shore) – Hornby Road / Mere Road

(North Shore) – Church Street / Regent Road


The holiday period is just around the corner. Sadly many cats will be without the forever loving home that they deserve.

We are looking for some presents for the cats that will be without a forever loving home this holiday period.

If you can donate any food (wet or dry), cat litter, treats, toys, bedding, or anything cats will use, it will be very much appreciated by us and the cats.

If you would wish to donate anything then please contact us either via our “Contact Us” page or call/text us on 07982 677016.

Anything will help the many cats in our care.

Saturday 13th October 2018

Today we received an urgent distress call in regards to this little one being found and abandoned.

The little one had been found abandoned in a garden next to bins, locked inside a small closed cat carrier without any food, water or even bedding.

Like other rescues in the area we are full to bursting point and this came through as an urgent matter due to the weather conditions at the time and for the welfare of the cat. Sadly the little one was also soaking wet through due to the rain from storm Callum

If anyone within the area of Rigby Road / Queen Victoria Road / Grasmere Road / Central Drive area has an CCTV footage of anyone carrying a cat carrier similar this one then please contact us to help find who did this to the poor baby.

As the little one was abandoned we don’t know if the person who abandoned the little one was the owner or that she may have been stolen. So we are very keen to find the owner. if you know of the owner or know of a cat missing of this description then please contact us.

September 2018

Our website is currently undergoing maintenance…

If you experience any issues with viewing any of our pages please be patient as we are dealing with these issues. If you have any suggestions for improvement please let us know via the contact us page. Any feedback will be very greatful.

With our website being updated regularly please keep a look out for our new adoptable cats on our “Adopt a cat” page and for new pages becoming available.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Cory for the setting up of our website, for making the new look website possible and for he’s continued help and support. We would also like to say a huge thank you to DeluxeNode Ltd for gifting us the new website.