About Me

Still looking for her forever loving home.

Dolly came into our care in July due to being heavily pregnant and was in labor when we got the call. One of her kittens was born stillborn and was struggling with her second. She was rushed into our vets to undergo a c-section were her second but her last kitten was born and had to be bottle-fed as Dolly wasn’t producing milk. Sadly her only kitten passed away after a few days due to medical compilations. Dolly’s ordeal didn’t end there, three hours following the loss of her remaining baby she was rushed to our emergency out of hours vets for treatment as she was incontinent, she was placed on antibiotics and a strong pain relief. After 3 weeks of Dolly coming into our care, we thankfully saw a huge improvement.

Dolly is very loving and affectionate, she loves attention and can be timid at times with sudden movement and loud noises. She is very talkative, she is often meowing and chirping at you at the littlest thing you do. She is always behind the door waiting for you to feed her in the morning and as soon as she hears the door go she comes running from wherever she is to great you. Dolly loves her belly to be rubbed, whenever you are stroking her she will flop onto the floor so that you can rub her belly. She loves to cuddle at the side of you with her front paws on your lap, but when she feels comfortable enough she will sleep on your lap.

Like many cats of her age she loves to play, she knows the sound of her toys coming out. Her favourite toys are a catnip banana and a feather wand toy. She now knows the sound of the feather toy and looks around to see where it will land. Dolly is an active girl who needs to be able to play and have things to climb onto on a daily basis.

Dolly would prefer a home with other cats. She loves her resident foster cats, she will often play, sleep, and rub up against her friends. She gets concerned if anything happens to them.

Want to Adopt me?

Dolly is looking for a household with no children.

Dolly will come with 5 week free insurance. Note: adoption forms and donation must be completed.

Please Note: That if you live in rented accommodation we will need to see evidence of your pet agreement from your landlord.