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Can you offer Jamie her final forever home?

Jamie came into our care in May 2018 due to being found straying. She was later diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (the T4 was only slightly raised by 2-4) and liver disease (raised by over 200+). She was placed on some medicated drops for her liver that goes into her food.

Jamie has had another blood test done in March (2020) to check her the levels to see if it has got worse or even improved. Her ALT is at a normal level but still needs her medication for that to keep it level, her thyroid has got worse so she is needing medication which is has been started. With her starting medication for her thyroid she is now needing more regular bloods to monitor everything and to check if the medication is helping or not. On her bloods it showed that she might also have the start of renal failure/kidney disease (CKD) but at the moment it is unknown with the T4 (thyroid) being high as that could be the cause. Once Jamie’s medication helps and her T4 has gone to a normal level then we would know if she also has CKD. If it is CKD it doesn’t look too bad and does just look like the start if it is.

Jamie is a lovely affectionate little girl who loves nothing more than having attention and to sit on your lap. She knows that as soon as you sit down she can come onto your lap. She even loves to play on her own terms.

With Jamie having medical issues we know not many people will want to adopt her. So we are looking for a long term foster home for her.

Want to Adopt me?

With fostering we will pay for all vet treatment that Jamie will need and for her medication. For this reason if you would like to foster Jamie you would need your own transport and to take her to our own vets for treatment (we don’t cover the cost of any other vets).

She is looking for a home ideally without other pets, and no children. Though Jamie would be fine with other pets (cats and dogs) as long as she has her own room/space so she can be introduced properly – this will need to be checked when we do a home visit (of the pets behaviour and space).

Her foster family must understand that she does have her medical issues so the amount of time she has left is really unknown, it could be months or even years – we have to mention this so that if anyone is willing to foster her then are aware that her time with us could be short or long term

Please Note: That if you live in rented accommodation we will need to see evidence of your pet agreement from your landlord.