About Me

Mittens is still looking for her forever loving home.

Mittens came into our care with her due to her owner not being able to afford Mittens to keep having kittens, with Mittens back in heat again she was also attacking the children of the household.

When Mittens arrived she was really thin and malnourished. Mittens were so hungry that as soon as you would to feed her she would always attack you to protect her food, within week her behavior changed so much to want it is now and you can now stroke her when she is eating.

Mittens is now a friendly, playful girl who loves to be pick up and cuddle but does like to try to get her own way. When you pick Mittens up she loves to rub her head onto yours and loves to give you kisses. Mittens loves to play with her toy and she is always in a cheeky mood.

Mittens is an active cat who loves to be on her cat trees, be in her boxes and running around.

Want to Adopt me?

Mittens is looking for a household with no other pets or children.

Mittens will come with 5 week free insurance. Note: Adoption forms and donation must be completed.

PLEASE NOTE: That if you live in rented accommodation we will need to see evidence of your pet agreement from your Landlord.