About Me

Ready for rehoming…

Paddington was adopted from our care in February 2018 but sadly we received a telephone call on Thursday 27th of February that his owner has passed away. Paddington was adopted along with Burley, and they both meant the world to their owner as their owner often mentioned that “both boys are my children” and were very much spoilt.

Paddington came into our care originally as his owner was moving. When Paddington arrived he was badly matted so needed to be booked in to our vets for de-matting. Paddington also had problems with his teeth, so he also had to undergo dental work.

He is a gentle soul who is very affectionate. Paddington loves being on your lap or for you to pick him up for cuddles, and he will be more than happy to be with you all day long. He also gets lonely when he is left on his own or if he can’t find you, and will often cry for you to come to him. Paddington need a household where someone is in most of the time to give him all the attention he needs.

Paddington was booked into our vet for a routine geriatric blood test on 14/03/2019, to check for any kidney, liver, or thyroid issue due to his age. The test have come back on 19/03/2019. Paddington has now been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) as his Kidneys are not functioning as well as they should be. He isn’t receiving any medication for his CKD at the moment, he just needs to be monitored. Paddington is however now on a kidney support diet that has less protein and phosphorus which the kidney can no longer break down.

Paddington is fully deaf and has slight cataracts, which doesn’t affect him at all. Due to his breed his he needs to be groomed regularly to make sure he doesn’t get matted, so will need an owner who is experienced with Ragdolls/longhiared cats and cats with CKD.

Want to Adopt me?

Paddington is looking for a quiet household who has experience with Ragdoll/longhaired cats, has no children or dogs, is in most of the time to give Paddington the attention he needs, and is experienced with cats with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Paddington will come with 5 week free insurance but would not cover his medical issue. Note: adoption forms and donation must be completed.

Please Note: That if you live in rented accommodation we will need to see evidence of your pet agreement from your landlord.