About Me

Thomas is still looking for his forever loving home.

Thomas sadly came into our care due to reports of him being used as dog bait. This luckily wasn’t the case but sadly he was just being past around from home to home within 2 months (through no fault of his own). Thomas was originally a stray, he was taken in by an elderly gentleman then the gentleman moved days after leaving Thomas alone in the house. His previous owner (who surrendered Thomas over to us) only had Thomas for a couple hours before contacting rescues saying he was being used as dog bait. Thomas has sadly been in 5 homes in under 2 months and our rescue being the sixth home.

Thomas is such a handsome and loving boy who just wants to play and have cuddles all day long. He will happily sit on your lap to have cuddles and always greets you when you get back home by rubbing your legs. Thomas is an active cat who loves to climb his cat trees and play with his toys. His favourite toys are mainly balls, wand toys, and feather toys. He loves to jump off the floor to catch the toys.

The picture and description of Thomas doesn’t do him justice, he is just such a handsome, cheeky, and loving boy.

Want to Adopt me?

Thomas is looking for a household with no other pets or young children and spaces to climb.

Thomas will come with 5 week free insurance. Note: Adoption forms and donation must be completed.

Please Note: That if you live in rented accommodation we will need to see evidence of your pet agreement from your landlord.