About Me


William came into our care along with his friend Sidney in September 2019. His friend Sidney found his forever home not long after, leaving William still looking for his. They came into our care as an urgent case. Sadly their owner could no longer care for them, and the council moved the boys into a boarding cattery. As their owner couldn’t care for them and couldn’t have them back, the council was going to euthanise the boys if a placement was not found. All other rescues were contacted and none could take, which left us with no other option but to take these lovely boys into our care before they were euthanised.

William is a loving and handsome boy. He is an active cat so he does need a lot of stimulation and preferably a another cat he can play with. William loves cuddles and loving, he always greets you with a leg rub and a meow. William would be happy to cuddle up next to you and would love a lap to snuggle up to.

William is great with other cats, dogs, and children.

2 months after William came into our care he had to be hospitalised for a week due having issues urinating. The cause is unknown he has had multiple urine tests and a xray done all have shown nothing. He is on some medication that goes into his food to help him urinate, which has helped him tremendously.

Want to Adopt me?

William will come with 5 week free insurance. Note: adoption forms and donation must be completed.

Please Note: That if you live in rented accommodation we will need to see evidence of your pet agreement from your landlord.


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