What We Do

Here at Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue, we put our cats welfare first. Our goals are to help as many cats in need as we possibly can; rehabilitate sick and injured cats, find adoptable cats their new home, offer sanctuary for those unable to be adopted, and help provide TNR for feral cats where possible.

About us

Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue was founded in 2001 by Linda Cameron Davies in the memory of her late mother (Alice Cameron), Alice also had a love for cats and was also involved in animal rescue. Before Linda founded Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue, she also was involved in many other animal rescues for over twenty-five years and has also helped many other rescues within the area.
We are a small rescue based in Blackpool, Lancashire. Blackpool Nine Lives Cat Rescue is solely run by unpaid volunteers, who dedicate their own time to caring for the cats of the Fylde Coast.

Where are we located

We are located all throughout Blackpool and the Fylde Coast, we have no cattery so all our cats are located within foster homes.
Each foster carer either has a spare room or a specialised cat unit in their gardens – these are used temporary until the cat can have access to the entire home. Foster carers are a great way for cats to get use to a home environment before adoption, especially those who have never been in a home before. It allows our foster carers to work one to one with their foster cat(s).
We have foster carers who foster the cats who give cats the extra TLC they need before they find their new loving homes, and some who foster cats who are at end of life care. It’s a very rewarding job, knowing that the cats are in a safe environment, and to watch them leave for their forever homes. Although it is also sad seeing them leave, it’s great knowing you have been apart of their journey and care.