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Meet our resident cats

These cats are permanent residents within our care, they will remain with us for the rest of their years in their forever foster home. All of these cats are on daily & regular medication, and/or special diets, due to this cost they remain within our care but are placed within their permanent foster homes.

Fostering cats like these gives the cats a happy life, where they can be loved right til the very end, whilst receiving all the medical attention they need.

Not only are we a rescue, but we are sanctuary for those with no home.

Support our work

We reply on all the donations we receive, they go straight towards caring for the many cats within our care. These cats call our rescue their forever home, and all receive treatment, as well as cats currently receiving treatment before they are advertised for adoption.

Each cat deserves their life, no cat should be euthanasia without a good reason. We will always do anything for the cats within our care, and we’ll never give up.

Would you like to give a cat a second chance? Then please get in touch!